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We integrate new employees into the organization and prepare them accordingly for their respective roles and job. We help them understand their new tasks, position and company’sneeds with a proper orientation session giving them an insight of the organizations goals and requirements. These newly hired employees are trained to succeed, become productive and engaged employees of the organization.


Say goodbye to hectic employee management systems. With HRSTAQ, you can effortlessly manage an employee’s time and attendance with the biometric time management system and generate their summary report. With this tool, you can also track various other things and it is very simple and easy to use, bringing in a lot of benefits to the organization including productivity.


With HRSTAQ, the admin or the HR can configure different leave types, balance adjustment rules, apply for leaves on behalf of the employees, coordinate their working patterns etc. With the help of this tool, they can also generate regular reports related to attendance and leaves and get a summary of leaves and history of all the employees on one screen.


You can now track your employee’s performance easily on a regular basis with our performance management system and reward them accordingly on the basis of their performance. Encourage your employees, achieve your organizational goals, identify training needs, promotion opportunities and provide regular feedbacks to your employees using our tool that provides useful configurable features managing an employee’s performance.


Exit management comes in when a member or the employee resigns or is terminated from the organization. HRSTAQ ensures smooth and systematic exit management process. The tool provides a unique module that provides seamless and hassle free Offboarding of an employee. You can manage various Offboarding policies that have different needs. Employees can also place an exit request online.


HRSTAQ helps to manage claims efficiently ensuring accurate and smooth reimbursement. You get real time notifications and reminders on claims. The module provides easy online submission of claim receipts which gets approved by the appropriate person only. Generate claims and expenses report, customize the claim module as per the company’s requirements and avoid errors and reduce the cost.


Train your employees effortlessly after hiring them and getting them on board. Manage employee training and get them accelerated for the future with help of HRSTAQ and provide them with a happier workforce. Create interactive courses, suggest courses and monitor the skills and performance of each employee, give them a complete hassle free training experience using our training modules.


This self service module helps you achieve your business objectives. The employees are empowered to manage data on their own which includes number of leaves, pay slips, timesheets etc. They can individually get access to data related to employees anytime from anywhere online which is up-to-date without the involvement of the HR. It’s a time saving method for the HR.


Experience an efficient payroll solution. HRSTAQ provides a very flexible payroll processing. Manage payslips, salary sheet, bank transfer, workforce scheduling, leave and attendance etc. easily. Our tool facilitates error free payroll processing. Streamline your business and get ready to face the competitive edge of the business and also maximize your profits as we provide complete dedication and commitment towards you.


HRSTAQ provides effective tax planning tools for better tax planner which can be managed by employees themselves. They can easily plan and submit their tax declaration right away. This will also help them take away maximum salary which you can effortlessly transfer directly to their bank accounts. In this way all your manual work is cut down saving your time.

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