Build a foundation for better HR.

Invest in HRSTAQ and provide a better workplace for your employees, raise productivity and achieve better results.

Clear the way with implementation.

With HRSTAQ, the admin has complete control and free will to set up the tool as per his/her company’s requirements and policies. The tool is scalable that matches your organization’s growth, can be accessible anytime, provides real time sophisticated workforce analytics for strategic decision making and helps in building a core foundation of your HR data and processes.

Plan on success with continuing customer support.

Plan on success with continuing customer support.

Our team provides 24*7 customer support, ensuring no obsolescence of technology as well as no disruption of business operations with constant upgrades and zero additional cost. INFISUITE has explored the synergies between Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology (IT) to develop Digital HRMS that lets you assess and utilize your human resource potential completely and simplifies HR operations.

“Service is excellent. Training was beyond expected for an online company. Certainly one of the best experiences I have had getting started. The overall use of the site is easy to learn. It is laid out well and nothing has been missed.”

Naresh, Director of Human Resources

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You get the best of AI algorithms working hand in hand with humans when you have HRSTAQ.

HRstaq 30/30

The data gets processed faster, scan n number of bills at a time easily and email them instantly.


The HRSTAQ tool allows hassle free and smooth integration of any ERP or Home Grown system.

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There’s no substitue for hands-on experience. Try it yourself—free for seven days.

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