Why HRstaq?

Bringing Industry’s best practices to your HR functions, HRSTAQ is your ideal partner accessible from anywhere at anytime.

We set people free to do great work.

HRSTAQ allows the HR/Administrator to effortlessly and efficiently manage all their operation which includes Onboarding, Leaves, Training, Attendance, Appraisal and generating of reports. With this tool your work becomes easier to handle without any disruption, you are capable of taking affirmative actions to drive business growth, ensuring seamless business process, and manage the entire employee life cycle with one tool.

You can feel the love.

The best thing about HRSTAQ is that it gives complete control to the administrator. They can work more efficiently, reducing the potential for human errors by spending less time manually entering the data. It gives you relief from those hectic HR/Administrator tasks, with this you are able to improve productivity. The employee data is secured and can be easily accessed.

We built HRstaq

The main purpose of HRSTAQ is to eliminate those daily tedious HR operations helping you to manage and optimize all your HR tasks. The tool is simple to use. It increases the operational efficiency and productivity of your HR department, ensures seamless flow of information between employees, supervisors and administrators. HRSTAQ lets you access and utilize your human resource potential completely.

We’re easy to adopt & even easier to use.

Create happier work places and improve HR efficiency with HRSTAQ that lets you manage several HR/Administrator operations easily. You are able to perform various functions with HRSTAQ. HRSTAQ caters to the needs of multiple industry segments with best practices gained through our experience, skills, know-how and delivery capabilities. HRSTAQ provides seamless integration and is very convenient and easy to use.

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